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Immigration Lawyer Los Angeles

When you are looking for attorneys who are accomplished and devoted to immigration law in Los Angeles, you do not have to look any further than the professional staff at Gleckman & Sinder to accomplish your personal or professional immigration objectives.

Immigration law is not only a huge topic in the United States Senate, it is a colossal barrier to individuals and businesses in Los Angeles alike, who are trying to reunite with their families or obtain talent from other countries. The skilled and committed lawyer group at Gleckman & Sinder apply their dedicated immigration law knowledge to their clients’ desires to expand their families and workforces. Our specialized approach to immigration law helps guide you through the seemingly complicated path of citizenship, family relocation or an increased labor force where necessary. What’s more is that we can designate an attorney to your case who will provide the utmost experience in the category you represent, whether it is personal, professional, education, religion or investments.

Our focused and diligent attorneys insure that their client’s criteria for an immigration law application is evident and warranted. Once the request is applicably confirmed with a legal approach, we will begin the paperwork to secure a favorable resolution in each case. Our attorney group handles each case with personal attention, and provides suggestions and guidance to help increase your exposure to immigration law. This approach allows the process to be as transparent as possible, so you know where your case stands at all times. We go to work for you, from the moment we meet, to insure that our immigration law capabilities are working for the people of the United States — not against them.

Gleckman & Sinder’s Approach to Immigration Law

Immigration Law applies to the people of Los Angeles in a number of capacities. Whether you are trying to reunite with a family member, or secure a spot on your team for a renowned physicist who lives thousands of miles away, we have the tools and dedication to help you reach your goals. Improving our country’s landscape is possible, thanks to Immigration Law and our ability to represent our clients within its parameters flawlessly. Our areas of representation include, but are not limited to:

  • Deportation & Removal Defense
  • Employment Immigration: Permanent, Sponsored & Temporary
  • Family Immigration
  • Legal US Residency
  • Permanent Immigration
  • Temporary/Non-Immigrant

Our immigration law attorneys take great pride in expanding the United States’ approach to supplying freedom and liberty to those who gain access and independence to our country legally. After more than sixty combined years of practicing immigration law, we have helped the following people gain access to the American Dream:

  • Advanced Degree Professionals in Science, Art, Education & Business
  • Business Professionals
  • Families of US Citizens or Legal Residents
  • Foreign Investors
  • New Commercial Venture Capitalists
  • Physicians
  • Religious Workers
  • Scholars, Professors & Researchers
  • Skilled & Unskilled Workers in Various Capacities
  • US Government Employees from Abroad

 A Balanced Approach to Immigration Law

Whether your need for immigration law is public, private, personal or business related, our accomplished Los Angeles attorney group can help you gain access to the United States under the proper category legally. Temporary and permanent visas can be established for a myriad of reasons, so all we have to do is figure out your circumstances and determine which path to the United States suits your needs best.

Our compassionate and educated attorneys only practice Immigration Law, so we are focused and unwavering in our stance to contribute to the American landscape’s commitment to diversity. We provide all of our clients with the best case scenario in reaching their immigration status, and keep them apprised of their progress throughout the entire process.

We want to help you gain access to the United States legally and effectively, to make the most of your dreams and desires, education and family life.  Our goal is to help you gain access to the all of the tools you need to satisfy your admittance into the United States, whether you are here for six months or for the rest of your life. Our devoted staff looks forward to every Immigration Law case we consult upon, and are very excited to help with yours.

Let’s Get Started Today!

It is our proud duty to help welcome you, your family or business professionals to the United States as quickly and effectively as possible by minimizing the obstacles that stand in your way.  To learn more about how our experienced Immigration Law staff can help you gain access to your dreams and desires, contact Gleckman & Sinder at 213-385-4877 right away for more information.


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